busybee Advanced Mouse Jiggler

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Homepage: https://busybee.origamico.design

Tired of your micromanaging boss pinging you each time you step away from your computer? Feeling uncomfortable whenever you need to step away for a bit?

busybee allows you to appear online in work chats, while you're away from your computer. A mouse mover application with the option for remote capabilities and more. Keep your status 'active' on major chat platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Discord even when you're not at your desk. Compatible with Windows and MacOS.

Get all the functionality of the Basic Version:

  • Allows you to select your cursor movement style
  • Control the frequency of your cursor movements


  • Remotely control busybee from anywhere
  • Scheduled away time that simulates break times
  • Change how often busybee stops working and for how long before it resumes
  • Lifetime updates
  • Coming soon: Machine learning movements

Free up your time with busybee. Let busybee be busy for you.


Advanced Features

Remote Control
Control the application remotely with your phone (no app install required)
Advanced Features
Configure your cursor to stop moving every few hours for a couple of minutes. This is great to simulate a "lunch break"
Upcoming Features
* Training machine learning models to simulate real mouse movements of a normal remote working human being
Low memory footprint
Built with Rust. Not Electron.
$7.99 a year

busybee Advanced Mouse Jiggler

0 ratings